iTunes 11 for Windows: Burn Settings

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Burn Settings

Disc Burner

If more than one supported disc burner is connected to your computer, choose one from the menu.

Preferred Speed

When you burn a CD, iTunes automatically uses the best recording speed for the CD. However, if your blank CD is rated for a slower speed than the maximum speed of your drive, or if you experience problems creating CDs, you may want to change the recording speed to match the CD’s rating.

Disc Format

Choose the type of disc you want to burn: Audio CD; MP3 CD; or Data CD or DVD.

Gap Between Songs

Choose the amount of silence, if any, between songs.

Use Sound Check

To have all songs on the disc play at the same volume, select this option.

Include CD Text

To include information that CD players in some vehicles can display, select this option.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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