iTunes 11 for Windows: iTunes Store preferences

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iTunes Store preferences

Changes you make to preferences take effect when you close the preferences window.


Always check for available downloads

iTunes displays the number of items you previously purchased from the iTunes Store but didn’t download.

Download pre-orders when available

Automatically download items you pay for in advance, such as new episodes of a TV show you purchased with a Season Pass, as they become available.

"When downloading High Definition videos, prefer” menu

When you purchase or rent high-definition videos from the iTunes Store, you can choose to have them downloaded in 720p or 1080p quality (if both formats are available). 1080p-quality videos can be synced only to devices that support this format.

Automatic downloads

When you make purchases from the iTunes Store on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, or on another computer, the purchased items can be automatically downloaded to this computer.

Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases

Display items purchased from the iTunes Store that haven’t been downloaded to your computer. These items have a Download button Cloud with an arrow pointing down next to them.

Sync playback information across devices

If you pause a movie, TV show, podcast, iTunes lesson, or audiobook, your playback position is automatically updated on every computer and iOS device that’s signed in to the iTunes Store using your Apple ID.

Automatically download missing album artwork

Automatically add album artwork for music you import into iTunes from CDs or other sources. Artwork is already included with all music purchased from the iTunes Store.

Share details about your library with Apple

Allow iTunes to automatically download photos, PDF files, and other extras related to items in your library.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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