iCloud: Add photos or videos to a shared album

Add photos or videos to a shared album

At any time, you can add more photos and videos to a shared album. When you do, subscribers to the shared album receive a notification that new items have been added. Videos added to a shared album can be up to five minutes long.

On your iOS device (iOS 8 or later)

  1. In the Photos app, tap Shared at the bottom of the screen, then tap Sharing at the top of the screen.

  2. Tap the shared album you want to add to, then tap the Add button .

  3. Find photos or videos to add.

    For example, tap Photos, Shared, or Albums to find photos.

  4. Tap the photos and videos you want to add, then tap Done.

  5. Enter an optional comment, then tap Post.

You can also add to a shared album by first selecting photos and videos in the Photos app. After you select them, tap the Share button , then tap iCloud Photo Sharing. Select a shared album by tapping Shared Album. Enter a comment (optional), then tap Post.

On a Windows computer

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows 8 or later) or Windows Explorer (Windows 7), then select iCloud Photos.

  2. Double-click Shared.

  3. Double-click the shared album you want to add photos or videos to.

  4. Click “Add photos or videos” in the toolbar.

  5. In the dialog that appears, do either of the following:

    • Drag photos or videos to the dialog from another window.

    • Click “Choose photos or videos.”

  6. Click Done.

Last Modified: Sep 21, 2016
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