iPhoto for iOS (iPhone): What are albums?

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What are albums?

An album in iPhoto is a collection of photos and video clips. To see all your albums, tap Albums in the main iPhoto screen.

Some albums are created based on how you got the photos and videos into iPhoto. For example, you see:

  • Albums you created on your computer and synced to your device using iTunes

  • Albums you created using the Photos app on your device

  • My Photo Stream and shared photo stream albums—which contain all the photos pushed to your device using iCloud.

iPhoto creates the following albums as needed:

  • Camera Roll: After you install iPhoto on your device, photos you take with your device appear in this album.

  • Recent: The photos most recently added to iPhoto appear in this album.

  • Edited: Photos you edit using iPhoto. This includes photos you add captions to.

  • Flagged: Photos you flag.

  • Favorites: Photos you tag as favorites.

  • [Custom]: Photos you add a custom tag to.

  • iTunes: Photos imported from iTunes using file sharing.

  • [App]: Photos sent directly from other apps to iPhoto.

  • Beamed: Photos beamed from another device.

  • AirDrop: Photos transferred from another device using AirDrop.

  • Photo Box: If a photo appears in an album (Edited, Favorites, Journals, or custom) and you delete the photo from your device, the photo remains in the album. If you remove the photo’s edits and tags, or delete the photo from the journal, iPhoto moves the photo to the Photo Box album (and removes it from the album it was in). If you edit or tag a photo in the Photo Box album, or add it to a journal, the photo is removed from the Photo Box album (and added to the appropriate album).

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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