Mail (Mountain Lion): View, save, and delete attachments

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
View, save, and delete attachments

You can specify a default location for saving all attachments, or you can specify a location for each attachment.

View attachments

Some attachments, such as images or PDFs, are displayed in the message content. To view other types of attachments you can:

  • Click Details in the message header area, and then click Quick Look. To view attachments in full screen mode, hold down the Option key when you click Quick Look.
  • Choose File > Quick Look Attachments.

When viewing attachments, use the controls to move to the next or previous attachment, display the attachments as thumbnails, or view them in Preview. If you’re in full screen mode, pictures automatically play as a slideshow.

When you open an attachment in a message, Mail temporarily saves the attachment in the Mail Downloads folder, located in the Library folder of your home folder.

Specify where attachments are saved

By default, attachments are saved in the Downloads folder, accessible in the Dock. You can specify a different folder.

  1. Choose Mail > Preferences, and then click General.
  2. From the “Downloads folder” pop-up menu, choose Other and select a location.

Save an attachment

Do one of the following:

  • In the message header area, click Details, and then click Save. Choose an attachment or Save All, and then specify where to save the attachments.
  • Choose File > Save Attachments and select a location.
  • Drag the attachment to your desktop to save it there.

Delete attachments

To delete all the attachments in a message, choose Message > Remove Attachments.

The attachments are deleted from the message, which remains in the mailbox; a notation is added to the message that indicates the attachments were manually removed.

Mail will not delete an attachment that you have edited or saved.

Attachments are deleted when you delete a message. To have Mail delete attachments when you quit Mail, or to have Mail not delete them, choose Mail > Preferences, click General, and then choose an item from the “Remove unedited downloads” pop-up menu.

Published Date: Sep 4, 2015