Mail (Mountain Lion): Import mailboxes

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Import mailboxes

Mail can import messages from other email apps or messages from mailboxes that you exported using Mail.

  1. Choose File > Import Mailboxes.
  2. Select the email app you want to import messages from.

    If you’re importing a mailbox exported from Mail, choose Apple Mail.

  3. Follow the instructions that appear onscreen.
    • Make sure the app you’re importing from is open and running, because some of the options require this.

    • If you’re importing messages from a Windows or UNIX computer, select “Files in mbox format” and locate the folder containing the files.

    • If the email app you’re switching from isn’t listed, click Cancel. Consult the documentation for the other app to learn how to export your messages in mbox format (most email apps can). You can then import the mbox format files.

Your imported mail is stored in a new mailbox called “Import.” To reorganize imported messages, create new mailboxes and drag folders and messages from the Import mailbox to other mailboxes. When you’re done, you can delete the Import mailbox.

If you don’t see your mailboxes in Mail, choose View > Show Mailbox List; empty mailboxes aren’t imported.

Published Date: Sep 4, 2015