Contacts: Set up your contact card

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Set up your contact card

Contacts automatically creates a contact card for you using information you supplied when you first set up your Mac. At any time you can add more information to your card, or make another card your contact card. The information in your card is used in other apps, such as Calendar, Messages, and Mail.

  1. Choose Card > “Go to My Card,” or select the card that you want to make your contact card.

    Add or change contact pictures

  2. Add any information you want to include, such as your email addresses, phone numbers, birthday, and so on.

    If you add a picture, the picture is used for your account and is visible to others.

    Edit or delete contacts and groups

  3. To make the selected card your contact card, choose Card > Make This My Card.

You can keep some or all of the information on your card private and exclude it when you send your card to contacts. For more information, see this help topic:

Share contact cards

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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