Contacts: Add or change contact pictures

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Add or change contact pictures

You can add or change a contact’s picture. The pictures appear in contact cards and in other apps that share your contact information, such as Mail and Messages. Your contacts don’t see the pictures; they’re for your use only.

You can’t add custom pictures for contacts in an Exchange account.

Add or change a picture

  1. Select a contact or your own card, and then double-click the picture well.
  2. Select a picture:
    • Drag an image to the picture well.

    • Click Camera to take a picture.

    • If you have pictures in iPhoto, click the Faces button to use a face from iPhoto.

    • If the contact is linked (it’s in multiple accounts, but displayed only once in Contacts) and has multiple account pictures, click Linked.

  3. Click Edit to edit the picture.
    • To zoom in and out of the picture, drag the slider. Drag the picture to change which part of it is visible.

    • To rotate the picture, hold down the Option key while you click and drag the picture.

    • To apply special effects, click the Effects Gallery button and choose an effect.

  4. Click Done.

Delete a picture

Select a contact and choose Card > Clear Custom Image.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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