Calendar: Calendar Advanced preferences

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Calendar Advanced preferences

Use the Advanced pane of Calendar preferences to set advanced time zone, event, alert, and invitation preferences.

Option Description

Turn on time zone support

When this checkbox is selected, you can change the time zone for all events in the top-right corner of Calendar, and you can choose a different time zone for individual events.

Show events in year view

Select this checkbox to see when you’re more or less busy in Year view. Days with more events appear in darker colors.

Show week numbers

Select this checkbox to see week numbers in Week, Month, and Year view.

Open events in separate windows

Select this checkbox to see events in separate windows when you open them.

Ask before sending changes to events

Select this checkbox if you want to get a message before sending updated events.

Automatically retrieve CalDAV invitations from Mail

Select this checkbox to have Calendar get event invitations from Mail.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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