Calendar for Mac: Ways to share calendars

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Ways to share calendars

Share your calendar with friends and family

Share iCloud calendars with others who also have iCloud accounts. You can choose whether others can edit the calendar or only view it.

Share your calendar with coworkers

Share calendar accounts with people who use the same calendar service. For example, if you use an Exchange or CalDAV server at work, you can choose whether coworkers edit your calendar account or only view it.

Share a read-only version of your calendar with anyone

Publish a calendar to a web server or at a specific web address. Others can view the calendar on the web and subscribe to it using Calendar. Subscribers can view your calendar but they can’t edit it.

Stop sharing a calendar

You can stop sharing or publishing any of your calendars. For more information, see the topics linked above.

Published Date: Apr 3, 2017
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