Mac App Store: Update OS X and apps

Update OS X and apps

App Store keeps track of updates for OS X and apps you purchased.

The Updates button in the toolbar and the App Store icon in the Dock show the total number of OS X and app updates available for downloading.


If you disable Spotlight on your startup volume, no updates appear.

  1. Click Updates in the toolbar.
  2. For updates in the list, you can:
    • Download and install all of the updates at once, or download and install a specific update.

      Some OS X updates can be installed individually instead of all at once. Click the More link under an OS X update to view update information and reveal whether individual updates are available.

      All of the updates listed on the Updates page are free.

    • Pause, resume, or cancel app updates. You can't pause, resume, or cancel OS X updates.
Last Modified: Oct 2, 2012
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