Mac App Store: Find apps

Find apps

There are several ways to browse for apps on App Store. If you’re looking for a specific app or kind of app, use search to find it quickly.

Browse apps, purchases, and updates

Click a button in the toolbar.
  • Featured: Browse new and noteworthy apps.
  • Top Charts: Browse the most popular apps.
  • Categories: Browse apps in specific categories, such as Photography. (You can browse apps in a particular category by choosing an item from the All Categories pop-up menu in the Quick Links section. The Quick Links section is located in the right part of the window shown when you click Categories.)
  • Purchases: View apps you purchased.
  • Updates: View updates to apps you installed on your Mac and updates to OS X.

Search for apps

Type text in the search field at the top right of the App Store window, and then choose an item from the list or press Return to display results.
Last Modified: Oct 2, 2012
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