OS X Mountain Lion: Start or stop using an iCloud service on your Mac

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Start or stop using an iCloud service on your Mac

You can change which iCloud services you’re using by turning them on or off in iCloud preferences.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click iCloud.
  2. To turn on a service, select the checkbox beside it.

    If you turn on Contacts service while your Contacts app is syncing with Google Contacts, Google syncing is turned off. You should to keep it turned off while using iCloud for your contacts.

  3. To turn off a service, deselect the checkbox beside it.

    Turning off services removes information stored in iCloud from your Mac apps. The information remains stored in iCloud and available on your other devices that still have the services turned on. To see your information reappear in your Mac apps, just turn on the services again.

    Here’s the effect of turning off each service:

    Option Description
    Mail: Mail stored in iCloud is removed from the Mail app. Mail you moved to mailboxes on your Mac remains.
    Contacts: Choose to remove contacts stored in iCloud, or keep a copy in your Contacts app (they’re no longer kept up-to-date with iCloud.
    Calendars & Reminders: Events and reminders stored in iCloud are removed from the Calendar and Reminders apps.
    Notes: Notes stored in iCloud are removed from the Notes app.
    Safari: The Safari app keeps a copy of your bookmarks and Reading List, but they're no longer kept up-to-date with iCloud.
    Documents & Data: Apps can no longer access documents stored in iCloud.

    Before stopping Documents & Data you can save local copies of documents stored in iCloud, by opening each app that you used to create the documents, and then saving each document on this Mac. The local copies are not updated automatically if you use another computer or device to make changes to the versions stored in iCloud.

Published Date: Sep 4, 2015