OS X Mountain Lion: Notifications preferences

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Notifications preferences

Use Notifications preferences to change the apps that use Notification Center, or to change how an app’s notifications appear in Notification Center.

To change an app’s Notification Center preferences, select the app on the left, and then change the preferences on the right.

Option Description

In and Not In Notification Center lists

Apps whose notifications appear in Notification Center are in the In Notification Center list.

To remove an app from Notification Center, drag it down to the Not In Notification Center list.

Sort Notification Center

Choose to sort the apps in Notification Center manually or by time.

If you choose manually, you can reorder apps by dragging them up or down in the In Notification Center list.

If you choose by time, the apps are listed based on notification times.

Alert style

Select a style for the app’s notifications.

None: The app’s notifications don’t appear on your screen.

Banners: The app’s notifications appear on your screen and disappear after a while.

Alerts: The app’s notifications stay on your screen until you dismiss them.

Show in Notification Center

Choose how many of the app’s recent notifications to list.

To remove the app from Notification Center, deselect the checkbox.

Badge app icon

Select the checkbox to let the app show the number of notifications on its Dock icon.

Play sound when receiving notifications

Select the checkbox to let the app play notification sounds.

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2015

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