OS X Mountain Lion: Share your files with others near you

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Share your files with others near you

AirDrop lets you quickly send files, clippings, webpages, and more to anyone near you—wirelessly. AirDrop doesn’t require passwords, setup, or special settings. It makes sharing with neighbors as simple as dragging and dropping.

Note: AirDrop uses Wi-Fi to transfer files. Some Wi-Fi wireless cards don’t support AirDrop.
  1. To see other people nearby, click the AirDrop icon in the sidebar of a Finder window. The other people must also click the AirDrop icon on their computers.

    The user pictures and computer names of those near you appear in the AirDrop window. You also see your picture as it appears to them.

  2. If you like, for extra security you can verbally confirm the exchange before you share files to make sure you’re sharing with the right person.
  3. Drag the item you want to share to another person’s picture. Once the person accepts the file, it’s transferred directly to his or her Downloads folder.

    Here are some examples of things you can share:

    • Text documents, photos, and folders

    • A snippet of text that you’ve highlighted inside a document or webpage

    • The URL (web address) of the webpage you’re currently viewing

    • An MP3 (audio) file

      AirDrop send dialog

  4. When you’re done with AirDrop, close the Finder window you used to transfer files. Your Mac is no longer visible to others.

You can also use the Share button to send files to your neighbors via AirDrop. In a Finder window, select the item you want to share, and then click the Share button in the toolbar. For more information about the Share button, see this help topic:

Share with iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and other services

Last Modified: Oct 20, 2015

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