OS X Mountain Lion: Apps included with your Mac

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Apps included with your Mac

Your Mac comes with a lot of fun and useful apps already installed. The ones you’ll use the most are listed below. To see all your apps and utilities, click the Launchpad icon in the Dock.

Launchpad icon in Dock

To get more apps, visit the Mac App Store.

Application Description

Calendar icon

Calendar: Keep track of meetings or appointments, view multiple calendars at the same time, share your calendar information with others, and more.

Contacts icon

Contacts: Store names, numbers, addresses, birthdays, IM buddy names, and more. Then, use your contacts for emails, chats, video calls, and more.

FaceTime Icon

FaceTime: You can can easily make a video call and talk, hang out, and stay in touch with others, face to face, right from your Mac. You can call friends who have iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later, iPod touch, or a Mac.

Game Center app icon

Game Center: Play games online with friends and share your game experiences. Or, enjoy a game by yourself.

iTunes Icon

iTunes: The ultimate digital jukebox. iTunes plays all your digital music, podcasts, and videos, and can share all of your content with your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV. It’s also a 24/7 entertainment superstore that lets you browse and buy songs, movies, TV shows, and more.

App Store icon

Mac App Store: The best way to find and download Mac apps. You can browse, purchase, install, update, and even write reviews for your apps.

Mail icon

Mail: Use your existing email accounts to send, receive, and organize all your email in one place.

Messages app icon

Messages: Use your IM accounts to text chat, video chat, audio chat, and even share your screen.

Notes app icon

Notes: Jot down things you need to remember and easily find them later.

PhotoBooth Icon

Photo Booth: Use the built-in camera on your Mac to take single photos, a quick burst of four photos, or a movie clip—ready to send to friends, use as a Messages icon, or add to your iPhoto library.

Reminders app icon

Reminders: Keep track of all the things you need to do, see, or buy. Set time or location notices for your reminders so you never forget anything.

Safari icon

Safari: A web browser that maximizes your browsing experience. It’s fast, easy to use, and lets you simply enjoy browsing the web.

Automator Icon

Automator: Automate your work to accomplish time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly—no programming required.

Calculator Icon

Calculator: Perform simple arithmetic calculations, complex logarithmic calculations, and logical operations—and then review and print your calculations.

Chess Icon

Chess: Challenge yourself to a game. Play against your Mac or another person, or watch your Mac play against itself. Customize your board and pieces, use your voice to control the pieces, and even have each move spoken out loud.

Dictionary Icon

Dictionary: Find definitions and synonyms in the New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus. Dictionary lets you quickly look up words directly from a variety of applications, including Safari and Mail—just Control-click the word you want to look up.

DVD Player Icon

DVD Player: Watch DVDs on your Mac. Enjoy a front-row seat for everything from the latest action thriller to your latest family vacation—with dramatic sound and high-definition video.

Font Book Icon

Font Book: Install, preview, search, activate, and deactivate the fonts on your Mac with simple, letter-perfect type management. The changes you make are immediately available in all the apps on your Mac.

Image Capture Icon

Image Capture: Transfer images from your iPhone, digital camera, or scanner to your Mac so you can use them in iPhoto and other apps. Image Capture lets you crop images to a variety of sizes and delete unwanted pictures from your camera.

Preview Icon

Preview: View images and PDF documents, touch them up, annotate them, and share your comments.

QuickTime Player Icon

QuickTime Player: Watch a wide range of video formats and files. QuickTime Player offers a clean, uncluttered interface with controls that fade out when they’re not needed, and large thumbnail images that make it simpler than ever to jump right to the movie chapter you want.

Stickies Icon

Stickies: Keep notes on your desktop so you’ll never forget what you need. They’re great for jotting down reminders, lists, and other information, and can be customized with fonts, colors, and images.

System Information Icon

System Information: View detailed information about your computer’s hardware, software, and network settings in an easy-to-read layout. Check System Information to see if your Mac meets the requirements for a new hardware or software product, and to help Apple Support troubleshoot your Mac.

TextEdit Icon

TextEdit: An easy-to-use word processor. It’s great for creating simple documents, but it also includes features like spelling and grammar check, autosave, tables, smart quotes, lists, and graphics.

VoiceOver Icon

VoiceOver Utility: A screen access application that describes aloud what appears on your computer screen. VoiceOver Utility lets you control your computer using the keyboard, trackpad gestures, or a braille display.

Published Date: Sep 4, 2015