How to download and view Apple product manuals

User guides, quick-start guides, and other product manuals are available in PDF format from Apple's support website. Some manuals are also available in web format (HTML) or as an ebook that can be viewed in the iBooks app.

Visit the Manuals section of Apple's website to find manuals for your product. 

View a PDF manual

Some web browsers display PDFs in the browser window. Other web browsers download PDFs to your computer, or ask whether you want to view the PDF or download it. If your web browser displays the PDF but you want to save it to your computer, choose File > Save As. You can use Preview (Mac) or a third-party PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (Mac or PC) to view PDF manuals that you've saved to your computer.

View a web manual

A web link is shown for manuals that are available in web format (HTML). Web manuals display in your web browser.

View an iBooks manual

An iBooks link is shown for manuals that are available as an ebook. Learn more about iBooks and the iBooks Store. After you download a manual from the iBooks Store, you can view it in the iBooks app.

Last Modified: Oct 23, 2014