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Apple RAID Card (Early 2009) Firmware Update 1.1

This update provides several fixes, including:

  • Reliability improvements during boot and power fail recovery
  • Improves handling of hard drives with bad blocks
  • Improves RAID 1 read performance
  • Improves hard drive compatibility with non-Apple drives
  • Improves support for systems with 48GB or larger memory
  • Improves battery handling and reporting

 The update is recommend for all Mac Pro (Early 2009) and Xserve (Early 2009) systems with the Apple RAID card.

 The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder and will launch automatically. Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process.


For detailed information on this update, please visit


After this update has successfully completed, your RAID Firmware Version will be: E-



File Size: 25.90MB

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