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Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor 5.1.5 f2 Firmware Update

To upgrade the firmware on your Power Mac G5, read through the instructions below. You can print these instructions so they are available while you upgrade your firmware.

The Power Mac G5 Firmware Updater Version 5.1.5f2 is installed in Applications/Utilities.

Important Note:
Remove any third part RAM before installing this Firmware Update. After the Firmware Updater has verified that it has been completed correctly, you can re-install your third party RAM.

1. Save changes to open files and then quit all other open applications, if necessary.

2. Open the firmware updater.

3. Click Shut Down in the Firmware Update window to start the update. Wait for your computer to shut down, quit any applications and save changes if necessary.

4. Press and hold in the Power button on the Power Mac G5 until you hear a long tone or see the Power button light flashing.

The firmware updater starts automatically. A status bar shows the progress of the update. You may see more than one status bar.

After the update is complete, your system restarts automatically. When a message says your computer’s firmware has been successfully updated to version 5.1.5f2, the update process is finished.

For additional information, please see KB article Power Mac G5 1.6 GHz: Kernel panic, USB, or other issues after installing firmware 5.1.5f1

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