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AirPort Express Firmware Update 6.3 for Mac OS X

AirPort Express Firmware Updater 6.3 for Mac OS X

This update will auto launch when downloaded, and will offer the opportunity to update a number of base stations.

The AirPort Express Firmware Updater addresses reliability and resolves issues with AirTunes, AirPort compatibility, and issues with some third party Routers.


-Resolves issue with Audio dropout when playing to AirPort Express with AirTunes
-Resolves issue with Wireless Disabled mode for AirPort Express
-Resolves issue with AirPort Extreme LAN Performance
-Resolves issue when enabling AOL Parental Controls
-Resolves issue with vulnerability to Denial of Service Attacks (bonk)
-Resolves issue with wireless internet access through AirPort via some PPPoA DSL Routers
-Improved reliability when printing through AirPort base stations
-Improved support for RADIUS servers
-Improved support for Network Time Servers (NTP) for AirPort when using an IP addresses

For the latest information on AirPort software, check Software Update in System Preferences or the following Apple websites:

AirPort Extreme

AirPort Express

SHA1for AirPortExpressFWUpdater.dmg= 281eaf91612824c3f1dead34c77d61029544f9f7

Internet service provider (ISP) compatibility:
Internet access requires a compatible ISP; fees may apply.

For more information on using AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express with your Internet account, contact your ISP or go to the AppleCare Knowledge Base at:

File Size: 2.5MB

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