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Mac OS X Update 10.4.7 Combo Intel

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What’s New in this Version

The 10.4.7 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for the following applications and technologies.
It includes fixes for:

  • sharing using AFP, SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP file sharing protocols
  • reliable access to Open Directory, LDAP and Active Directory services
  • login and authentication in a variety of network environments
  • file access and byte range locking with AFP file sharing
  • network access when using proxy server automatic configuration files
  • connecting to Cisco VPN servers using IP/Sec and NAT
  • AirPort and Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • RAW camera support, including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
  • usability of Dashboard and widgets
  • searching iWork ‘06 and Microsoft Office documents with Spotlight
  • saving Word documents automatically when using a network home directory
  • viewing of QuickTime streaming media behind a firewall
  • audio playback in QuickTime, iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack Pro applications
  • ensuring icons are spaced correctly when viewed on desktop
  • determining the space required to burn folders
  • synchronizing contacts, bookmarks, and calendars to .Mac and mobile phones
  • mounting and unmounting iDisk volumes
  • time zone and daylight savings for 2006 and 2007
  • Address Book, AppleScript, Automator, Dictionary, Font Book, iCal, iChat, DVD Player, Keynote, Mail, Preview, Safari, and Stickies
  • Disk Utility, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, and Software Update
  • compatibility with third party applications and devices
  • previous Mac OS X updates and standalone security updates

SHA1: MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.7Intel.dmg= 15b186d5f3a2314a060df3502eda190ad31a354d

For detailed information on SHA 1 Digest, please visit this website: Mac OS X: How to verify a SHA-1 digest.

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website: Apple security updates.

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: About the Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update (combo).

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