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Mac OS X 10.4.8 Combo Update (Intel)

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What’s New in this Version

The 10.4.8 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for the following applications and technologies:

  • sharing using AFP, SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP file sharing protocols
  • reliable access to Open Directory, LDAP and Active Directory services
  • login and authentication in a variety of network environments
  • file access and byte range locking with AFP file sharing
  • network access when using proxy server automatic configuration files
  • connecting to Cisco VPN servers using IP/Sec and NAT
  • AirPort including connectivity to EAP-FAST networks
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • RAW camera support, including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
  • usability of Dashboard and widgets
  • searching iWork ‘06 and Microsoft Office documents with Spotlight
  • saving Word documents automatically when using a network home directory
  • viewing of QuickTime streaming media behind a firewall
  • audio playback in QuickTime, iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack applications
  • ensuring icons are spaced correctly when viewed on desktop
  • determining the space required to burn folders
  • synchronizing contacts, bookmarks, and calendars to .Mac and mobile phones
  • mounting and unmounting iDisk volumes
  • time zone and daylight savings for 2006 and 2007
  • using OpenType fonts in Microsoft Word
  • Address Book, AppleScript, Automator, Dictionary, Font Book, iCal, iChat, DVD Player, Keynote, Mail, Preview, Safari, and Stickies
  • Disk Utility, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, and Software Update
  • compatibility with third party applications and devices
  • previous Mac OS X updates and standalone security updates

Mac OS X 10.4.8 Combo Update (Intel) SHA1 Digest:

MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.8Intel.dmg = 46ed3360238415adc1612440dda8f58c1443cb37

For detailed information on SHA 1 Digest, please visit this website: Mac OS X: How to verify a SHA-1 digest.

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: About the Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update (combo).

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website: Apple security updates.

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