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Server Admin Tools 10.4.11

These applications can be installed on a computer other than your server to remotely administer Mac OS X Server. For more information on how to use these applications, see the Documentation folder.


The Installers folder contains server remote administration software that you can install on a computer other than your server.

Server Administration Software

The ServerAdministrationSoftware.mpkg contains administration software and tools that you can install on a computer other than your server. These tools require Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

Server Admin — For configuring service settings, monitoring server activity, logging information and the state of each service

Workgroup Manager — For managing share points, users, group and computer lists, privileges and Managed Network View

Server Monitor — For monitoring the hardware status of Xserve servers

System Image Utility — For creating, modifying and managing NetBoot and Network Install disk images

Server Assistant — For remote installations and initial configuration of Mac OS X Server

Gateway Setup Utility — For setting up an Internet Gateway, Firewall and VPN

QuickTime Broadcaster — To use in conjunction with QuickTime Streaming Server to broadcast live audio and video streams

Xgrid Admin — For administration and monitoring the activity of Xgrid clusters

Apple Xserve Diagnostics — The Xserve comes with Apple Xserve Diagnostics software that you can use to test the Xserve hardware.

QTSS Publisher

The QTSSPublisher.pkg contains the QTSS Publisher application for installation on client computers. QTSS Publisher can be used to upload media to Mac OS X Server, prepare media for streaming, and to setup and manage video and audio playlists for publishing with QuickTime Streaming Server.


The Documentation folder contains the getting started guide in PDF format. This folder also contains inforabout additional documentation, including onscreen help and more administration and orientation guides.

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