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Mac OS X Server v10.6.5 Update Combo

The 10.6.5 update is recommended for all servers currently running Snow Leopard Server. This update includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for: 

  • name queries in Web Calendar match against first name, last name and email attributes 
  • improved setup of Podcast Producer service when bound to an Active Directory server
  • preventing Podcast Capture from always storing passwords in keychain
  • reliability of Web Podcast Capture
  • stopping Podcast Producer recordings with remote cameras 
  • reliability of connections between Podcast Producer server with remote cameras
  • Podcast Producer workflows publishing to a wiki page with an Active Directory account
  • synchronization of audio and video output from Podcast Producer workflows which include intro videos or titling or transitions
  • use of "-" character in specifying DHCP Subnets with Server Admin
  • improved Wiki Server connection latency 
  • use of "/" character with Wiki Server mailing lists
  • configuration of iChat Server when changing host names using changeip 
  • preventing automatic changes to a ".local" domain in iChat Server configuration due to DNS unresponsiveness
  • importing of iChat accounts with Managed Preferences
  • preventing network homes being used after mobile accounts enabled
  • corrections to the iCal Preference Manifest
  • viewing of IPP print queues with Workgroup Manager
  • reliability of External Accounts with FAT32 file systems
  • reliability of applying Managed Preferences to Macs that have been idle
  • allowing administrators to bypass Managed Preferences at login
  • improper removal of older updates by Software Update Server
  • using Server Assistant to setup remote servers
  • reliability and logging of Mail Server
  • reliability of Managed Preferences
  • reliability of Web Server with PHP scripts
  • CalDAV querying of email addresses with Active Directory and Open Directory servers
  • stability and reliability accessing Wiki Server pages
  • view movies on Wiki Server with Safari on iPad
  • accessing publicly accessible Wikis when logged in to the Wiki Server
  • listing blogs on Wiki Server 
  • vacation mail notices that span across multiple days
  • updates from Software Update Server viewable by clients
  • stability and reliability to Software Update Server synchronization
  • downloading of software updates by Software Update Server
  • creating NetInstall images which include iLife updater packages
  • address issues copying, renaming, or deleting files on SMB file servers
  • improve reliability of VPN connections
  • configuring accounts in Server Preferences when bound to an external directory service
  • CalDAV handling of Unicode text and attachments
  • stability and reliability of Podcast Capture remote camera recordings
  • submitting content into Podcast Producer using mv and cp command-line tools
  • preventing time drift when capturing dual-source video in Podcast Capture
  • syncing Software Update catalogs behind unauthenticated proxy servers 
  • upgrading and importing records from older Open Directory servers
  • password expiration notifications for Mobile Account users
  • using Server Admin to connect to servers in IPv6 environments
  • creating NetRestore images from volumes with fragmented catalog files
  • ordering of items in System Image Utility "Add Packages and Post-Install Scripts" action
  • using Internet Explorer with web-based calendar, wiki, email rules and password reset
  • adding and removing imported users in Server Preferences
  • synchronizing Portable Home Directory content
  • using iCal web interface within select time zones
  • previewing and capturing dual-source video in Podcast Capture
  • server-side filtering of incoming mail messages
  • using chained digital certificates for mail services
  • creating images with System Image Utility
  • automating installation of NetRestore images
  • preventing brute force password attacks
  • using sudo command with authenticated Open Directory binding
  • binding to Active Directory domains with invalid service records
  • creation of mobile accounts for Active Directory users
  • correcting a problem that would cause the Software Update cache to grow excessively 
  • reliability of services using Grand Central Dispatch
  • duplicate serial number alerts on servers with multiple network interfaces
  • preventing wikis and blogs from becoming inaccessible after migration from Leopard Server

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