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Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.5

This update is recommended for all Mac Pro (Mid 2010) models and addresses the following issues:

  • Resolves an issue that prevented the firmware password prompt from being displayed 
  • Resolves an issue that prevented the Boot Picker from being presented if Ethernet is connected to a network without DHCP

To complete the firmware update, wait for your Mac Pro to finish installing and shutdown. Hold down the power button until the power indicator light flashes, or you hear a long tone, then release the power button.  A gray screen with an Apple logo and progress bar will appear while the update is taking place. When the update is complete your Mac Pro will startup normally.

Important: The update may take a few minutes. Do not unplug, shutdown, restart or disturb your computer while the update is taking place.

For more information about firmware updates for Intel-based Macs, please visit:

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