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FireWire 2.2.2 and 2.3.3: Information and Download

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This article contains a software link to FireWire 2.2.2 & 2.3.3 update.

What Is FireWire?

FireWire is an Apple trademark for the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus standard, a cross-platform standard for connecting and using digital peripheral devices. FireWire can be used with many multimedia devices and for other high-performance applications. FireWire's benefits include fast real-time transfer, plug-and-play, hot swapping, a higher-speed growth path, and easy-to-use cables and connectors.

FireWire products currently available from third parties include digital video cameras and digital video decks, printers, scanners, still image cameras, mass storage devices, and PCI cards that can connect these devices to a computer. These products can be used to capture digital still images and to perform non-linear editing of digital video, including the creation of new digital media content.

In addition to digital video applications, consumer and professional FireWire products available in the near future may include synthesizers, digital TVs, entertainment systems, set-top boxes, and other devices.

FireWire 2.3.3 is a component of the Mac OS. The FireWire 2.3.3 software includes three system extensions:

  • FireWire Support. This extension adds services to the Mac OS to support the use of FireWire hardware and software.
  • FireWire Enabler. This extension adds hardware-specific support for certain FireWire interfaces.
  • FireWire CardBus Enabler. This extension adds hardware-specific support for the Newer FireWire 2 Go CardBus interface, for use with PowerBook computers.

FireWire 2.3.3 fixes one problem that may be experienced by customers who are presently using FireWire 2.3.2:

  • Target Disk Mode will now work correctly on PowerBook computers with built-in FireWire.

FireWire 2.3.3 fixes three problems that may be experienced by customers who are presently using FireWire 2.3 or an earlier version:

  • Certain DV camcorders will no longer lose their connection or crash the computer when importing video using applications such as Final Cut Pro or iMovie.
  • Mac OS will no longer hang while booting if certain FireWire hard disk drives are connected.
  • Certain systems using multiple FireWire hard disk drives will no longer hang during heavy disk activity.

If you want to use FireWire digital video devices with your computer, you need the latest version of QuickTime, which contains the necessary drivers. You can get the latest version of QuickTime at

To use FireWire 2.3.3 on a Blue and White Power Macintosh G3, you should first install Mac OS 9 or the G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2 or 1.1. This software provides PCI performance adjustments that are necessary for maximum FireWire performance. The G3 Firmware Update is available from the Apple Support Downloads web site at

Installing FireWire 2.3.3

Depending on which version of the Mac OS you're using, the FireWire 2.3.3 extensions may already be installed.

To check if you have the FireWire extensions, look in the Extensions folder, in the System Folder on your computer's hard disk. To check which version of the FireWire software you have, use the Get Info command in the File menu (in the Finder).

After installing FireWire 2.3.3, you can delete or disable the FireWire CardBus Enabler extension if you do not plan to use the Newer FireWire 2 Go CardBus card.

IMPORTANT Be careful not to replace a newer version of the FireWire software with an older version. Read all the documentation that came with any third-party products for the latest details.

Known Problems and Limitations

Follow the guidelines listed below for connecting FireWire devices to your computer. If these instructions are not followed, your computer and other FireWire devices may not work correctly. For more information about using and troubleshooting FireWire devices, see the onscreen Help (available in your computer's Help menu).

  • Do not connect more than 63 devices (including computers) at one time.
  • Do not connect devices so that any two devices have more than 16 cables directly between them.
  • Do not connect FireWire cables in a way that forms a ring of devices. Do not plug both ends of one cable into the same device.
  • Unused FireWire connections should be left empty. There are no terminators for FireWire connections.
  • Connect devices that require power from FireWire directly to the computer.
  • Do not unplug a FireWire device or eject a CardBus card while it is being used. For example, do not unplug a FireWire disk while copying files onto it.

Using Multiple FireWire Devices at the Same Time

Power Macintosh computers can transfer perfect digital video (DV) on FireWire when no other devices are using the FireWire bus. If you have problems transferring digital video, make certain that no other FireWire devices are being used at the same time.

Turning on a DV camera that is already connected may cause a FireWire hard disk to stop working. If this happens, turn off the camera and verify that the hard disk has recovered. Then unplug the FireWire cable from the camera, turn the camera on, and reconnect the FireWire cable to the camera. Check with the hard disk vendor for a possible firmware update to prevent this problem.

Using FireWire With a PowerBook

  • If a PowerBook computer with a FireWire CardBus card inserted will not start up, eject the card and restart the computer again.
  • Do not allow a PowerBook computer to sleep while it is receiving digital video. The video input may not continue when the computer wakes up.
  • If a FireWire CardBus card cannot be removed from the desktop, shut down the PowerBook and then press the card eject button to remove the card.

For More Information

  • Information about the IEEE 1394 Trade Association, and many FireWire products, can be found at

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