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Mac OS 9.2.2: Document and Software

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This article contains a software link to Mac OS 9.2.2.

The Mac OS 9.2.2 Update improves Classic application compatibility in Mac OS X and delivers updated support for Macintosh systems that are based on the PowerPC G3 or G4 processor.

Tip: Mac OS 9 was a great operating system years ago, but there's so much you can do in Mac OS X that you can't do in Mac OS 9. Check out the Mac OS X website for more information about all the cool features you'll find in Mac OS X. Every new Mac comes with Mac OS X—or you can purchase it at the online Apple Store or your local retail Apple Store. Mac OS X upgrade instructions and system requirements can be found here. (Note: Not every Mac can start up in Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. For more information, see Macintosh: Some Computers Only Start Up in Mac OS X).

Before You Install

This document tells you how to prepare for installing this Mac OS 9 Update and gives compatibility information and basic troubleshooting.

Before installing, do these tasks:

  • This update requires Mac OS 9.2.1 if you are performing an auto or manual update.
  • Turn off any security software that you may have installed on your computer.
  • Make sure your system will not go to sleep by dragging the slider in the Energy Saver control panel to "Never."
  • If you have a PowerBook, make sure that it is plugged into AC power.

If you're installing from a network, or if you can't start up from a Mac OS 9 CD, be sure to do the following additional tasks:

  • Turn off file sharing.
  • Turn off any virus-protection software that you may have installed on your computer.
  • Turn off all non-Apple extensions and control panels. Open the Extensions Manager control panel, then open the Selected Set pop-up menu and choose Mac OS All.
  • Restart your computer.

To ensure a smooth upgrade, check with the manufacturers of any non-Apple software you use to make sure it is compatible with Mac OS 9.2. If you do experience a problem, see the troubleshooting chapter in your installation manual for information on isolating compatibility problems.

Compatibility information

Mac OS 9.2 supports Mac OS X compatible computers.

You can install this version of Mac OS 9.2 on any of the following computers: Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3 (except the original PowerBook G3), iMac, and iBook.

Tips and troubleshooting suggestions

If you experience problems during installation, be sure to start from Mac OS 9.2.1 with extensions off and try again. Turn extensions off using the Extensions Manager or by holding down the Shift key as you restart the computer. Continue holding down the Shift key until you see the words "Extensions Off" on the 9.2 splash screen.

Third-party software

Some third-party programs that extend or add features to the Mac OS may be incompatible with Mac OS 9.2. Examples include programs that change the way menus work, change how files are stored, or alter the way you work with files in the Finder. Contact the software's manufacturer for information about using such programs with Mac OS 9.2. This is especially important if you're using a program that automatically alters the way files are stored (such as compressing them) because you might not be able to access those files until you obtain updated software for use with Mac OS 9.2.

Finding folders

The folder structure in Mac OS 9.2 makes it easier to find all your files and applications. Here are some changes you'll notice: the Applications folder is named "Applications (Mac OS 9);" the Apple Extras and Utilities folders are in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder; Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer are in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder. Browse your hard disk to get familiar with your new Mac OS, and use Sherlock to locate all your files and folders.

Updating your disk drivers

Some Apple-branded disks manufactured by third parties are not supported by the Apple disk utilities. If your disk cannot be updated with the Apple utilities, you'll need to use a third-party disk utility to update the driver.

Repairing disks

If you see a message that your disk has problems and cannot be repaired, make sure file sharing is off, then try installing again. If that doesn't work, try using another disk-repair utility. If you don't have another utility, or if that utility also doesn't work, you may need to reinitialize the disk. Copy all your files to another disk first, as reinitializing erases the disk. For more information about reinitializing, see the manual that came with your computer.

For help with downloading, see Software downloads: Formats and common error messages.

All software available from this site is covered by a software license agreement included with this software.

Language/OS Required Release Date Version Software
North American English
North American English Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.3 MB
International English
International English Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
22.9 MB
French Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.6 MB
German Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.6 MB
Japanese Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.7 MB
Spanish Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-06 9.2.2 Download
21.7 MB
Italian Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.2 MB
Dutch Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-05 9.2.2 Download
21.7 MB
Danish Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-20 9.2.2 Download
21.6 MB
Brazilian Portuguese
Brazilian/Portuguese Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-20 9.2.2 Download
21.6 MB
Simplified Chinese
Simplified Chinese Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-20 9.2.2 Download
21.7 MB
Traditional Chinese
Traditional Chinese Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-11 9.2.2 Download
21.1 MB
Korean Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-20 9.2.2 Download
21.1 MB
Swedish Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-11 9.2.2 Download
21.7 MB
Norwegian Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-01-10 9.2.2 Download
21.8 MB
Finnish Mac OS 9.2.1
2001-12-20 9.2.2 Download
21.8 MB

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