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Battery Reset 2.0: Document and Software

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This article contains a link to the Battery Reset version 2.0 software.

Important Information About Battery Reset 2.0

What Is Battery Reset 2.0?

Battery Reset 2.0 addresses a situation that may occur with some PowerBook G3 Series and iBook computers in which the battery, while in the system, doesn't show up in the Control Strip, or a red X appears over the battery icon in the menu bar.

Battery Reset 2.0 includes two components. For PowerBook G3 Series computers, a file called "Battery Updater" is installed in the Extensions folder and an application called "Battery Reset" is installed on your hard disk. For iBook, only the file called "Battery Updater" is needed and is installed in the Extensions folder.

Installing Battery Reset 2.0

  1. Double-click the Install Battery Reset 2.0 icon to install the necessary software.
  2. Restart the computer.

iBook owners: Your system is updated and your battery should recharge normally when your power adapter is plugged in.

PowerBook G3 Series owners: Make sure your PowerBook is plugged into an AC power outlet and continue with the instructions in the next section, "Using the Battery Reset Application."

  • After you restart with the Battery Updater extension installed on a PowerBook G3 Series computer, some system settings (such as time zone, key repeat rate, and alert sound) will be reset. If you have customized these settings, you need to open the appropriate control panel and reset them after completing the reset operation.
  • After installing the extension on a PowerBook G3 Series computer, your AppleTalk Ethernet connections may be disrupted. If this happens, open the AppleTalk control panel, choose Modem/Printer Port from the "Connect via" pop-up menu, then switch back to Ethernet and close the control panel.

Using the Battery Reset Application

The reset application is designed for PowerBook G3 Series batteries only. The reset application is not necessary on iBook computers.

  1. Make sure the PowerBook is plugged into a working AC power outlet.
  2. Insert the battery in either expansion bay, if it isn't already inserted. The Battery Reset application opens automatically on restart. You are given a choice of resetting just the left battery, just the right battery, or both batteries (if two batteries are inserted).
  3. Make a selection and click the OK button. You are asked to confirm that AC power is connected and that you want to proceed with battery reset.
  4. Click the Reset button to repair the battery.
  5. After the battery has been reset, eject the battery and reinsert it to begin charging.
  6. The battery is charging normally if a lightning bolt appears on the battery icon in the menu bar or Control Strip while the system is plugged into an AC power outlet. If the battery does not begin charging within a minute or two, remove the other battery (if there is one) and wait another minute. If the battery still does not begin charging, run the application a second time.

Note: Using the Battery Reset application will deplete the battery. You must fully charge the battery before using it again so that it can recalibrate.

The Battery Reset application is installed in the Utilities folder on PowerBook G3 Series, if needed in the future.

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