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Java Update v.1.4.1 (Panther): Information and Download

The article contains information about Java Update 1.4.1(Panther) and a link to the software download.

The Java 1.4.1 Update for Panther ensures that your system has a complete Java installation. It contains support for both Java 1.4.1 and Java 1.3.1.

Some customers who did an upgrade install of Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" from Mac OS X v10.2 may have an incomplete installation of Java.

Customers who did an erase install or an archive and install are not affected.

First, check the Software Update preference. If your system requires this update, i.e. your system does not have a complete installation of Java, then the Java 1.4.1. Update will be available for download. You can also use the manual update if this is more convenient.

For help with downloading, see Software downloads: Formats and common error messages.

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