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NetBoot for Mac OS 9: Information and Download

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This article contains the NetBoot for Mac OS 9 disk image. NetBoot for Mac OS 9 is included in Mac OS X Server 10.2 and is provided here as a download for your convenience.

This software is identical to the NetBoot for Mac OS 9 software included with Mac OS X Server 10.2 (Jaguar).

Early NetBoot capable Macintoshes will not be able to use the feature of obtaining IP addresses from a DHCP server.

Newer Macintoshes are all NetBoot capable, although some will need the latest Open Firmware Update to use DHCP. You can obtain the Open Firmware Update at

You should run the proper Update on all Macintoshes you plan to use for NetBoot.

Refer to the Admin Guide.pdf on the Mac OS X Server CD for more detailed information about this new feature of NetBoot and for system requirements for yourNetBoot client machines.

You must install the NetBoot client image provided on this CD.

Earlier or updated versions will not have the necessary modifications for the newer NetBoot features.

The NetBoot client image contains a default user that allows you to get to the finder when a Macintosh Manager Sever can't be found.

The default user name is NBUser with the password netboot.

For help with downloading, see Software downloads: Formats and common error messages.

All software available from this site is covered by a software license agreement included with this software.

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