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iMac SuperDrive Update for Mac OS 9: Information and Download

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This document contains the iMac SuperDrive Update for Mac OS 9 information and a link to the iMac SuperDrive Update for Mac OS 9.

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Before You Install iMac SuperDrive Update 1.0

The iMac SuperDrive Update 1.0 application installs new firmware on your SuperDrive which addresses an incompatibility with 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW media.You must perform this update If you intend to use 4x DVD-R or 2x DVD-RW media in your iMac. This update also enables you to eject audio CDs that are copy-protected or have mastering errors.

Using the iMac SuperDrive Firmware Update 1.0

  1. Save all open documents and quit all applications.
  2. If the application "iMac SuperDrive Update" is not present (see Figure 1, above), install it by double-clicking "iMac SD Firmware Install" and following the instructions presented.
  3. If a disc is in the SuperDrive, drag its icon to the Trash to eject the disc.
  4. Double-click "iMac SuperDrive Update" and click Continue.

If you experience problems and are not able to update the firmware using this program, contact your local authorized Apple service provider.

Important: Do not reset, shut down, or turn off power to your computer while updating the firmware. Doing so may damage your SuperDrive.

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