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Mac OS X Update 10.1.4: Information and Download

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This article contains the Mac OS X Update 10.1.4 information and a link to the Mac OS X Update 10.1.4 software.

Update 10.1.4 delivers improved networking, security, and additional disc recording device support.

Specific enhancements include:

Disc Recording Devices: Updated and new support for Fast 10 SCSI drives, including the Pioneer 201 drive.-Expanded support for SmartDisk, EZQuest, and LaCie disc recording devices.

Networking Improvements: Dial-up connections over PPP are more reliable and system responsiveness has been improved.-Significant improvement to file searching on local and remote volumes.-Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) services can be browsed on networks with 3Com routers.

Security Update: BSD-based TCP/IP connections now check and block broadcast or multicast IP destination addresses.

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