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iPod 1.2.6 for Windows Updater: Information and Download

This document contains the iPod for Windows 1.2.6 Updater and a link to the iPod for Windows 1.2.6 Updater. iPod 1.2.6 for Windows update is multilingual.

This document contains last-minute information about "iPod Software 1.2.6".

Changes since 1.2:

Version 1.2.6 has improved battery management, providing the following updates:

  • Increased playback time on scroll-wheel iPods
  • Longer stand-by time for all iPods

If you are unsure which iPod you have, see technical document HT1353, "Identifying iPod models". For more information, go to where you will find links to Discussions, Knowledge Base articles, and other helpful information.

The iPod Updater has two functions, update and restore.

For help with downloading, see Software downloads: Formats and common error messages.

All software available from this site is covered by a software license agreement included with this software.

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