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Mac OS X Update Combo 10.1.3: Information and Download

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This article contains the Mac OS X Update Combo 10.1.3 information and a link to the Mac OS X Update Combo 10.1.3 software.

Important Information:

  • This update can be used to update from any version of Mac OS X 10.1 (Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.1.1, or Mac OS X 10.1.2).
  • If updating from Mac OS X 10.1, you must install Security Update 10-19-01 then Installer update for Mac OS X 10.1 prior to installing this update.

Update 10.1.3 delivers enhancements that improve the reliability of Mac OS X applications, important security features and includes new and updated support for a variety of Digital Hub peripheral devices. Specific updates include:

Peripheral Device Support

  • Updated and new USB and FireWire device support, including FireWire-based digital cameras.
  • Expanded support for QPS, EZQuest, LaCie, Yamaha, MCE Technologies and Sony CD disc recording devices.
  • PC Card storage devices, including media readers.

Graphics and OpenGL Improvements:

  • DVD Playback on external VGA displays on PowerBook G4.
  • Hardware accelerated video mirroring support for PowerBook G4.
  • PowerBook video mirroring will be on by default when connecting to a new display.
  • Improvements for iTunes when the full screen visualizer is used.

Networking and Security Improvements:

  • Login authentication support for LDAP and Active Directory services
  • OpenSSH version 3.0.2p1
  • WebDAV support for Digest authentication.
  • Mail includes support for SSL encryption and CRAM-MD5 authentication
  • Improved AFP and SMB networking
  • Apache web server v1.3.22
  • IrDA modem support for FireWire-based PowerBook models

Updated Applications:

  • Airport v2.0.1
  • AppleScript v1.8

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