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Address Book Importer for Mac OS X: Information and Download

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This article contains the Address Book Importer document and a link to the Address Book Importer Download.

What is Address Book Importer?

Address Book Importer allows you to easily import contact information from LDIF files into your 10.1 Address Book.

Address Book Importer is a utility you can use to import email addresses into your Mac OS X Address Book from LDIF files, such as those created when you export addresses from Netscape Communicator.

What are LDIF files?

LDIF files are generated by programs like Netscape Communicator when you choose to export your data from the Address Book.

Address Book Importer has been tested with files exported from Netscape Communicator 4.7x. At the time of writing, Communicator 6 for Mac OS X does not support exporting LDIF files.

Before you use Address Book Importer

Export your addresses from Netscape Communicator (or other application that exports LDIF files) and copy the resulting file to a location you can access from your Mac OS X computer. For help exporting your addresses, see the documentation that came with the application.

Make a backup copy of your current Address Book file. (It's located in ~/Library/Addresses/Address Book.addressbook). If there is a problem with the import process, you'll be able restore your old address book using this file.

To use Address Book Importer

Open Address Book Importer, click Choose, select the LDIF file, and click Import.

The Address Book application can be open during the import process.

If you have trouble

You can restore your original address book by replacing ~/Library/Addresses/Address Book.addressbook with the copy you made before you ran Address Book Importer.

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