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AirPort Admin Utility 3.2 for Windows: Information and Download

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This document contains information about the AirPort Extreme Admin Utility v3.2 for Windows and a link to the software download.

The AirPort Admin Utility 3.2 for Windows is an unsupported version* of the AirPort network administration tool for the AirPort Extreme Base Station and AirPort Base Station (dual Ethernet only). This software is offered as a complimentary service to our enterprise customers that may need to administer AirPort Base Stations within a mixed operating system environment.

This version of the AirPort Admin Utility does not work with the original AirPort Base Station (Graphite).

The AirPort Admin Utility for Windows includes the latest AirPort Extreme Base Station firmware. See below for instructions on updating the base station.

*Unsupported defines support as being limited to the resources available on Apple's Support Web and Discussion Boards. There is no complimentary phone support for this product. See Additional Help at the bottom of this document on how to obtain additional information on this product.

New Features Supported in this Release:

  • These new features are only for the AirPort Extreme Base Stations.
  • This release provides support for the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) specification for the AirPort Extreme base station and AirPort Extreme client running Mac OS X v10.3, or later. WPA greatly increases the over-the-air data protection and access control on a wireless network, assuring users that their data will remain protected with a strong new encryption algorithm as well as user authentication. Please see AirPort help for more information on WPA.
  • Base station Interference Robustness, which provides improved performance when 2.4GHz devices like cordless phones and wireless video distribution system cause significant interference with the AirPort network.
  • Performance improvements between wired and wireless clients.

Note: A wireless capable machine is not strictly required to administer an AirPort Extreme Base Station. You could also be connected using Ethernet on the same network to access the base station.

The AirPort Admin Utility for Windows is English-only and may have varied results when used with non-English versions of the Windows operating system.

Installing the AirPort Admin Utility 3.2 for Windows:

Download and unzip the file "AirPort Admin". Double click the setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Removing the AirPort Admin Utility 3.2 for Windows:

To remove the AirPort Admin Utility, follow the un-install process for your version of Windows.

Connecting to the AirPort Network

The network name (or SSID) of a new AirPort Base station is "Apple Network xxxxxx", where xxxxxx is the last six characters of the AirPort ID, located on the label on the bottom of the base station. Do not include the quotation marks and be sure to put a space after Apple and Network.

Internet service provider (ISP) compatibility

Wireless Internet access requires a wireless-enabled computer, an AirPort Extreme Base Station or AirPort Base Station and Internet access (fees may apply). Some ISPs are not currently compatible with AirPort and AirPort Extreme.

For more information on using AirPort or AirPort Extreme with your Internet account, contact your ISP or go to the AppleCare Knowledge Base at

To upgrade the software on a base station that has previously been configured, do the following:

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the AirPort network created by your AirPort Base Station.
  2. Open the AirPort Extreme Admin Utility
  3. Select your base station from the list.
  4. From the 'File...' menu, choose 'Upload Default Software...'
  5. Enter the appropriate administrative password for your AirPort Base Station when prompted.

After the software has been uploaded, the base station will restart.

Additional Help

For assistance in using the AirPort Admin Utility for Windows 3.2, please visit the AirPort for Windows Discussions Forum at The forum is a user-supported discussion panel where users assist each other with their AirPort for Windows questions. Apple support agents monitor the forum and may participate in the discussions to help customers solve their problems.

For in-depth information on configuring AirPort networks, see the document "Designing AirPort Extreme Networks.pdf " found on the AirPort software disc or online at There are slight differences between the AirPort Admin Utility for Windows and the AirPort Admin Utility v3.2 for Mac OSX. The PDF mentioned above is written specifically for the Mac OS X version, but will give the customer insight into the advanced features.

Wi-Fi is a registered certification mark, and Wi-Fi Protected Access is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

For help with downloading, see Knowledge Base Document HT4414 "Help: Downloading Software".

All software available from this document is governed by the terms of the software license agreement included with Mac OS X. By using or downloading this software you accept the terms of the software license agreement.

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