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Discover stories you want to read, from topics you care most about, delivered by top news sources. News gathers it all in one place, so you never have to move from app to app to stay informed.

About News

With News, you can read articles that include rich multimedia, such as galleries, videos, and animations. You can explore topics from a variety of sources and add favorites to get the news that you want. You can also save articles to read later—online or offline.

News is available in the United States with iOS 9 or later, and in the United Kingdom and Australia with iOS 9.1 or later.

Discover For You

For You highlights Top Stories of the day, Trending Stories that are popular with other News readers, and Featured Stories selected by Apple editors. For You also shows you stories from the publications and topics that you add to Favorites.

Tap a story to open it and read more. Or tap a topic, like Entertainment or Sports, to see more stories for that specific topic.

Customize For You

Add the topics and channels that interest you from the Explore section to your Favorites. This helps News decide what type of stories to show you in For You.

To see a list of the channels and topics that you follow, tap Favorites.  If you subscribe to a channel, there’s a separate section in Favorites for your subscriptions. You can also sort Favorites by name, recently visited, or most visited. Just tap Favorites at the top of the screen, then choose how you want them sorted.

Want quick access to News headlines? Learn how to add the News app to your Widgets on your iOS device.

Add a topic or channel

  1. Tap Explore at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Browse categories, channels, and topics that you're interested in.
  3. When you find a channel or topic that you want to add, tap  .

Looking for a specific topic or channel? Tap the Search tab and enter what you're looking for. You can also add a topic or channel you search to your Favorites. Just tap   next to the search result. 

Remove a topic or channel

  1. Go to Favorites.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap   in the upper-right corner of the channel or topic that you want to remove.

You can also mute a channel to prevent stories from appearing in your For You feed.

Love, save, or share a story

Find a story that interests you and want to see similar stories in your For You feed? Or want to share an article with a friend? You can mark the stories that you love, save a story to read later, or share a story with a friend. Swipe left over the story or tap  , then tap your choice:

  • Tap Love to have similar stories appear in your For You feed.
  • Tap Save to read a story later—online or offline.
  • Tap Share to send a link to the story from Messages, Mail, and more.

Dislike, mute, or report a story

Don't want to see certain types of stories in your For You feed? You can mark stories that you dislike, mute channels that they appear in, and report stories. Swipe right over the story or tap  , then tap your choice:

  • Tap Dislike to stop seeing similar stories in your For You feed.
  • Tap Mute Channel to prevent a channel’s stories from appearing in For You.
  • Tap Report to report a concern with a story.

Your For You feed may not refresh immediately when you dislike a story or mute a channel.

View saved stories

Find articles that you save in the Saved section at the bottom of the screen. To remove a saved article, tap Saved, then swipe left over the article and tap Don't Save.

You can also see your reading history in the Saved section. Just tap the History tab. If you want to clear your history, tap History, then tap Clear.

Get notifications for news stories

News can send you notifications about breaking news and other important news stories. To add notifications, go to Favorites and tap. Then turn on the channels that you want to get notifications for. When you're finished, tap Done. Learn more about notifications on your iOS device.

Notifications may not be available for some channels.

Subscribe to your favorite publications in News

With News, you can read stories from publications you subscribe to. There are a few ways to see your subscriptions:

  • Subscribe within News: You can purchase a subscription directly in News with the Apple ID you use for the iTunes Store.
  • News automatically unlocks your existing subscription from a publisher’s app: If any subscriptions you've purchased are also available in News, you're automatically granted access.
  • Authenticate an existing subscription purchased from the publisher: If you purchase a subscription directly from the publisher’s website, the publisher may allow you to log in with your subscription account in News and read their premium stories in News.

Learn more about News subscriptions or how to manage or cancel a subscription.

Subscriptions are only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Report an issue

If an article is in the wrong section, doesn't display correctly, or contains offensive language or content, you can report it. In the article, tap the Share icon and tap Report a Concern.

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