Apple Wireless Keyboard: How to install or replace batteries

This document explains how to install or replace batteries in your Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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The Apple Wireless Keyboard comes with four nonrechargeable AA lithium batteries. You can also use alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries.

Note: If you need to install or replace batteries in the newer aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard, see this article.

To install the batteries

  1. Turn the keyboard over and turn it off.
  2. Remove the battery compartment cover and batteries.
  3. Slide the batteries into the battery compartment as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Replace the battery compartment cover.
  5. Turn the keyboard on if you are ready to use it.

Figure 1

Inserting batteries


If you have never paired your keyboard with your computer, you'll need to do that before you can use it. See this article for more information.

If you have previously paired your keyboard with your computer, you do not have to set up the keyboard again after replacing the batteries. The keyboard should automatically pair itself with the computer a few moments after you turn it on.

Important: Make sure to put the positive and negative ends of the batteries in the keyboard as shown in Figure 1. The keyboard will not turn on if the batteries are incorrectly installed.

When you change the batteries, replace all of them at the same time with the same kind of battery. With lithium and other battery types, do not open the batteries, expose them to flame, or in any other way violate the manufacturer's instructions. Dispose of batteries according to local laws and regulations.

For additional information, see the Apple Wireless Keyboard User Guide.


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