Mac OS: Computer Pauses for Several Seconds When Waking From Sleep

The computer may stop responding momentarily while the hard disk or CD-ROM drive wake from sleep. There are several settings that can be changed to reduce or eliminate this behavior.

Ovaj je članak arhiviran i Apple ga više ne ažurira.
  • The computer stops responding for a moment, then resumes.
  • When returning to the computer after leaving it idle, it does not respond for several seconds.

The behaviors described are likely normal, given the computer's settings. The hard disk and CD-ROM drive may sleep when they haven't been accessed for a period of time. When the computer accesses them it takes a moment for them to wake.

Changing certain settings can reduce or eliminate this behavior:

  • Open the Energy Saver control panel and set the hard disk sleep to Never.
  • If there is a disc in your CD-ROM drive that you aren't using, remove it.
  • If you choose to leave a disk in your drive and find that you infrequently access it, open the Memory control panel and increase the disk cache size.
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