HomePod Service and Repair

Learn more about HomePod service options, warranty, and pricing in the United States.

Where can I get service?

Set up an appointment at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. When you get service, bring your iPhone with you and make sure you know your Apple ID and password. Depending on where you get service, you might be able to check the status of your repair online.

Or, contact us and we'll send you a box for your HomePod. Reset your HomePod to factory settings and remove it from the Home app. Then, ship your HomePod to us, and we'll return it to you as quickly as possible.

Start a service request
Troubleshoot issues with your HomePod
Reset your HomePod to factory settings

How much does it cost to repair or replace my HomePod?

If your HomePod issue is covered under warranty or consumer law, you won't pay a fee. Otherwise, repairs are considered out of warranty. 

If your HomePod issue isn’t covered, you’ll pay an out-of-warranty fee unless your HomePod has AppleCare+ coverage. AppleCare+ includes up to two incidents of accidental damage. Each AppleCare+ incident has a service fee, as shown below.

Model AppleCare+ service fee Out-of-warranty fee
HomePod $39 $279

The prices shown here are for repairs made by Apple. Pricing and terms might vary at other service providers. All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to tax. Shipping (if needed) is an additional $19.95.

Can I buy additional coverage for my HomePod?

AppleCare+ for HomePod extends your technical support and hardware coverage up to two years from your AppleCare+ purchase date. It also includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Each incident has a service fee of $39. If you didn't buy AppleCare+ with your HomePod, you can buy it within 60 days of your HomePod purchase if your product isn't damaged. Apple Limited Warranty and AppleCare+ benefits are in addition to your rights under consumer law. See the AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Express Replacement Service

If you need to replace your HomePod immediately, Express Replacement Service offers speedy delivery. We can send you a replacement HomePod right away with shipping materials and instructions. Return your original HomePod to us within 10 business days of your request to avoid paying the full replacement value for HomePod.

Express Replacement Service is only available for AppleCare+ customers. The service delivers your replacement HomePod faster, but it doesn't cover any costs for your product, such as service fees or the replacement value. When we get your original device, we'll determine those costs. Meanwhile, you can start using your replacement HomePod.

When you request Express Replacement Service, we put a temporary authorization on your credit card to cover the full replacement value of your product. This authorization will expire if:

  • Your repair is covered under warranty, an AppleCare plan, or consumer law
  • We receive your original product within 10 business days

If we receive your HomePod and find that it was severely damaged in an accident, or it's inoperable after unauthorized modifications, you'll pay the full replacement value.

Model Replacement value
HomePod with AppleCare+ $299

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to tax.