macOS High Sierra

Group albums in folders

You can create folders to group your albums. For example, you could create a folder named “Family Photos” and put all the albums of your family events into it. You can also create folders inside other folders.

Thumbnail of a folder of photos.

Open Photos for me

  1. Click My Albums in the sidebar.

  2. Choose File > New Folder.

  3. Type a name for the folder.

  4. Drag albums into the folder.

    Tip: To quickly create a folder, Option-drag one or more albums onto another album. Photos places all the albums into a new folder. You can also drag other albums into the new folder.

To remove an item from a folder, Control-click the item, then choose Move Album Out Of [folder name]. To delete a folder, Control-click the folder, choose Delete Folder, then click Delete.

You can’t move shared albums into a folder.