macOS High Sierra

View account information

Use the Account Info window to view information about an email account. For example, you can check the maximum and available space on the account’s mail server, and delete messages from the mail server as needed.

Open Mail for me

  1. Click Mailboxes in the Favorites bar to open the Mail sidebar.

  2. Control-click a mailbox in the sidebar, then choose Get Account Info.

  3. In the Account Info window, click the Account pop-up menu, choose an account, then click a tab to view account details.

    • Quota Limits or Messages on Server: Monitor the size of mailboxes and messages on the mail server. This information can help you manage your messages when you exceed your account storage limits. For example, for an IMAP account, you can see which mailbox uses the most space, show the messages, and delete them.

    • Subscription List: For IMAP accounts, the available public or shared mailboxes you can subscribe to or unsubscribe.

    • Summary: View a summary of account settings, such as those related to mail servers and security.