SRT (SubRip Text) subtitles

An industry-standard format for delivering onscreen text synchronized to the audio or video of a video program. SRT subtitles can be used to deliver foreign-language translations or a transcript of dialog, narration, or audio descriptions for the hearing-impaired. SRT subtitles, which use the .srt filename extension, offer more limited formatting options than CEA-608 captions. In Compressor, you can specify whether to let viewers turn SRT subtitles on or off (for example, for full foreign-language translations) or force subtitles to appear onscreen (for example, for specific characters in a movie who speak a different language). In Compressor, many built-in settings and destinations support SRT subtitles, including Apple Devices (in both the H.264 and HEVC codecs), ProRes, Publish to YouTube, Create DVD, and other settings that use the QuickTime Movie, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 formats.