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Edit photos on your Mac

Edit like a pro with the intuitive editing tools built into Photos for macOS.

Take and edit photos on your device

Learn how to take high-quality photos and make edits with the technologies and tools built into your device.

Transfer photos and videos

Move photos and videos to your computer, or use iCloud Photos to make your photos available on all of your Apple devices.

Keep your library up to date

Your photos and videos are updated automatically across all of your devices with iCloud. You can also sync your library manually using the Finder.

Organise and find your photos

Keep your photos and videos organised and accessible, and use the advanced search features to find people, places, objects or events easily.

Move your Photos library

If your Mac is running low on disk space, you can move your Photos library to an external drive to free up storage.

iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos works with the Photos app to keep your photos and videos stored securely in iCloud, and up to date on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and


User Guides

Find out about features and discover all that Photos can do on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or on

Photos Project Extensions

Find out how to download, install and use third-party Project Extensions in Photos for macOS.

Apple Communities

Find answers, ask questions and connect with other Apple users.

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