TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products

Find out more about TCP and UDP ports used by Apple products, such as macOS and iCloud. Many of these are well-known, industry-standard ports. 

Ports used by Apple products

This is a quick-reference guide showing common examples, not a comprehensive list of ports. This guide is updated periodically with information available at the time of publication. For hosts and ports specific to enterprise networks, find out more about using Apple products on enterprise networks.

Some software may use different ports and services, so it can be helpful to use port-watching software when deciding how to set up firewalls or similar access-control schemes.

Some services may use more than one of these ports. For example, a VPN service can use up to four different ports. When you find a product in this list, search (Command-F) in your browser for that name, then repeat your search (Command-G) to locate all occurrences of that product.

Some firewalls allow selective configuration of UDP or TCP ports with the same number, so it's important to know the type of port you're configuring. If your firewall doesn't allow you to specify the type of port, configuring one type of port will probably configure the other.

Port TCP or
Service or
protocol name
RFC2 Service name3 Used by
22 TCP Secure Shell (SSH), SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Secure copy (scp) 4253 ssh Xcode Server (hosted and remote Git+SSH; remote SVN+SSH)
25 TCP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 5321 smtp

Mail (sending email); iCloud Mail (sending email)

53 TCP/UDP Domain Name System (DNS) 1034 domain
80 TCP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 2616 http World Wide Web, FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, Maps, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Podcasts, Mac App Store, Backup, Calendar, WebDAV, AirPlay, macOS Internet Recovery, Xcode Server (Xcode app, hosted and remote Git HTTP, remote SVN HTTP)
88 TCP Kerberos 4120 kerberos Kerberos, including Screen Sharing authentication
110 TCP Post Office Protocol (POP3), 
Authenticated Post Office Protocol (APOP)
1939 pop3 Mail (receiving email)
123 UDP Network Time Protocol (NTP) 1305 ntp Date & Time preferences, network time server synchronisation, Apple TV network time server sync
137 UDP Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) netbios-ns
138 UDP NetBIOS Datagram Service netbios-dgm Windows Datagram Service, Windows Network Neighbourhood
139 TCP Server Message Block (SMB) netbios-ssn File sharing and Windows print services
143 TCP Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) 3501 imap Mail (receiving email)
192 UDP OSU Network Monitoring System osu-nms AirPort Base Station PPP status or discovery (certain configurations), AirPort Admin Utility, AirPort Express Assistant
389 TCP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 4511 ldap Apps that look up addresses, such as Mail and Address Book
443 TCP Secure Sockets Layer (SSL or HTTPS) 2818 https TLS websites, iTunes Store, Software Update, Spotlight Suggestions, Mac App Store, Maps, FaceTime, Game Center, iCloud authentication and DAV Services (Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks), iCloud backup and apps (Calendars, Contacts, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, Mail, iMessage, Documents & Photo Stream), iCloud Key Value Store (KVS), AirPlay, macOS Internet Recovery, Dictation, Siri, Xcode Server (hosted and remote Git HTTPS, remote SVN HTTPS, Apple Developer registration), Push notifications (if necessary)
445 TCP Microsoft SMB Domain Server microsoft-ds
465 TCP Message Submission for Mail (Authenticated SMTP)   smtp (legacy) Mail (sending mail)
500 UDP Wi-Fi Calling 5996 IKEv2 Wi-Fi Calling
515 TCP Line Printer (LPR), Line Printer Daemon (LPD) printer Printing to a network printer, Printer Sharing in macOS
548 TCP Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP afpovertcp AppleShare, Personal File Sharing, Apple File Service
554 TCP/UDP Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) 2326 rtsp AirPlay, streaming media players
587 TCP Message Submission for Mail (Authenticated SMTP) 4409 submission Mail (sending mail), iCloud Mail (SMTP authentication)
631 TCP Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) 2910 ipp macOS Printer Sharing, printing to many common printers
636 TCP Secure LDAP ldaps
749 TCP/UDP Kerberos 5 admin/changepw kerberos-adm
993 TCP Mail IMAP SSL imaps iCloud Mail (SSL IMAP)
995 TCP/UDP Mail POP SSL pop3s
1900 UDP SSDP ssdp Bonjour
2197 TCP Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Push notifications
3031 TCP/UDP Remote AppleEvents eppc Program Linking, Remote Apple Events
3283 TCP/UDP Apple Remote Desktop and Classroom net-assistant, classroom Apple Remote Desktop
3284 TCP Classroom File Transfer classroom Classroom app (document sharing)
3285 TCP Classroom classroom Classroom
3478-3497 UDP nat-stun-port - ipether232port FaceTime, Game Center
3689 TCP Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) daap iTunes Music Sharing, AirPlay
3690 TCP/UDP Subversion svn Xcode Server (anonymous remote SVN)
4398 UDP Game Center
4500 UDP Wi-Fi Calling 5996 IKEv2 Wi-Fi Calling
5100 TCP socalia macOS camera and scanner sharing
5223 TCP Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) iCloud DAV Services (Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks), Push Notifications, FaceTime, iMessage, Game Center, Photo Stream
5228 TCP Spotlight Suggestions, Siri
5297 TCP Messages (local traffic)
5350 UDP NAT Port Mapping Protocol Announcements Bonjour
5351 UDP NAT Port Mapping Protocol nat-pmp Bonjour
5353 UDP Multicast DNS (MDNS) 3927 mdns Bonjour, AirPlay, Home Sharing, Printer Discovery
5900 TCP Remote Framebuffer 6143 rfb Apple Remote Desktop, Screen Sharing
5900 UDP Remote Framebuffer, Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) Apple Remote Desktop, Screen Sharing
5901–5902 UDP Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) Apple Remote Desktop, Screen Sharing
8000-8999 TCP irdmi Web service, iTunes Radio streams
9100 TCP Printing Printing to certain network printers
9418 TCP/UDP git pack transfer git Xcode Server (remote git)
16384-16403 UDP Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) connected, — Messages (Audio RTP, RTCP; Video RTP, RTCP)
16384-16387 UDP Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) connected, — FaceTime, Game Center
16393-16402 UDP Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) FaceTime, Game Center
16403-16472 UDP Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) Game Center
42000-42999 TCP iTunes Radio streams
49152-65535 TCP Xsan Xsan Filesystem Access

1. The service registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, except where noted as “unregistered use”. 

2. The number of a Request for Comment (RFC) document that defines the service or protocol. RFC documents are maintained by RFC Editor.

FaceTime is not available in all countries or regions.

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The application firewall in macOS is not a port-based firewall. It controls access by app, instead of by port. 

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