Add a shape mask to a stereoscopic 360° clip in Final Cut Pro

You can add a shape mask to a colour correction you’ve applied to a stereoscopic 360º clip in Final Cut Pro 10.4.

To create a shape mask for a stereoscopic clip, create the colour correction shape mask in one view of the stereoscopic clip. Then, manually copy and paste the colour correction shape mask from one view to the other.

  1. In the project timeline, add a colour correction to your stereoscopic clip.

  2. In the Video inspector, add a shape mask for the colour correction you added.

  3. Place the shape mask over the area you want to mask in one of the views only. Make any other desired adjustments to the shape mask. Make sure the shape mask doesn't extend beyond any edge of the 360° clip. If it does, the 360° sphere won’t appear seamless when viewed with a VR headset or in the 360° Viewer.

  4. Select the clip in the project timeline, then choose Edit > Copy.

  5. With the clip still selected, choose Edit > Paste Attributes, then select the colour correction for the shape mask under Effects. Make sure you deselect all other checkboxes in the window.

  6. Click Paste. A copy of the colour correction with the shape mask will be created.

  7. Click the pop-up menu at the top of the Colour inspector, then choose the colour correction copy. For example, if you copied “Colour Wheel 1,” choose “Colour Wheel 2” from the pop-up menu.

  8. In the list at the bottom of the Colour inspector, select the Shape Mask so it has a yellow outline.

  9. In the viewer, drag the shape mask to the other view. Both views should now have colour correction shape masks. To avoid any obvious disparity on the X or Y axis between the two views, make sure you align the centres of the two shapes masks to the underlying objects.

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