Share with Schoolwork

You can submit work within Schoolwork, or you can use the Share button to submit from another app. You can submit items such as app files, collaborative files, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, or videos. To submit work from another app, you must enable the Schoolwork feature in the Share menus.

Enable Share with Schoolwork

  1. Open an iPadOS app.

  2. Tap to open work you want to submit to a Handout, then do one of the following:

    • For iWork apps: tap the More button, then tap the Share button.

    • For other apps: tap the Share button.

  3. In the first section of share options, tap the More button (swipe left to see more options if necessary).

  4. Tap Edit, tap Schoolwork, then tap Done.

    The Schoolwork item appears in the Share menu. You can now submit work to a Handout from within the selected app.