macOS High Sierra

Use study cards

If the book you’re reading was made for iBooks, you can view the book’s glossary terms along with your highlights and notes on study (or flash) cards.

Note: If the book doesn’t have glossary terms and you didn’t highlight any passages or make notes, the book won’t have study cards.

Open iBooks for me

  1. Open a book, choose View > Show Study Cards (or click Study in the Notes panel if it’s open).

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Filter cards by chapter or section: Click the Table of Contents button in the top-left corner, then choose the chapter or section.

    • Filter cards by highlight: Click the Highlights button in the top-right corner, then select the highlights you want to see.

      You can also choose to show or hide glossary terms.

    • Cycle through cards: Click the arrows on the right or left side, swipe across a trackpad or Magic Mouse, or use the arrow keys.

    • Flip a card over: Click Flip Card, or press the Space bar.

    • Shuffle cards: Click the Shuffle button in the top-right corner.