macOS High Sierra

Take a Live Photo

When you’re on a FaceTime video call, you can take a Live Photo to capture a moment from the call. Both of you receive a notification that the photo was taken, and the Live Photo goes right into your Photos library. The other person on the call may need to set their FaceTime preferences to allow a Live Photo before you can take one.

Note: Both you and the other person on the call must be using macOS High Sierra v10.13 or iOS 11 to capture a Live Photo.

Open FaceTime for me

  • Set up FaceTime: Choose FaceTime > Preferences, then select the checkbox next to “Allow Live Photos to be captured during Video calls.”

  • Set up Photos: Open the Photos app if you haven’t opened it before.

    Note: The Photos app doesn’t need to be open when you capture a Live Photo; it just needs to have been opened at least once and have a default library.

  • Capture a Live Photo: During a video call, when you want to take a Live Photo, click the Live Photo button (or use the Touch Bar).

    A notification tells you that the photo is available in the Photos app.

    Note: If the Live Photo button is disabled, either you or your friend hasn’t allowed Live Photos to be taken during FaceTime calls, or your friend’s device is not using macOS High Sierra v10.13 or iOS 11.