macOS High Sierra

Block callers

If you don’t want to receive FaceTime audio and video calls or phone calls on your Mac from certain people, you can block them. Then, if they call, you’re not notified and the call is not answered. You can call a blocked caller without unblocking them.

Important: If you block a caller on your Mac, the caller is blocked on all your devices that use a single Apple ID. For more information, see the Apple Support article Use continuity to connect your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

Open FaceTime for me

  • Block a caller: Choose FaceTime > Preferences, click Blocked, click the Add button , then select a name in the list of contacts.

    Tip: You can also use the call list to block a caller. Control-click the contact in the list, then click “Block this Caller.”

  • Unblock a caller: Choose FaceTime > Preferences, click Blocked, select a name, then click the Remove button .

Note: To block all FaceTime or phone calls, turn off FaceTime or sign out of FaceTime on each device. For more information, see Sign in to or out of FaceTime.